The Company

Stretching out from a principal outlet in Beirut the Patibon taste experience has been thrown open to a wider public with two branches in Saudi Arabia, one in Doha, Qatar, another in Muscat, Oman, one in the United Arab Emirates, one in California, USA, and the most recently opened in Vienna, Austria.

The overriding aim is to take these wide selection of chocolates, with their variety of delicious fillings, produced by Patibon’s time-honored sister company, one of the region’s finest chocolate producers and place them in Patibon shops around the world.

Building on the conception that chocolate is the ideal gift for any event, elegantly covering newly-born to newly-wed, a religious holiday or a holy celebration, a graduation, a tribute, a get-well visit or any of life’s special or romantic moments, nothing says it better than chocolates.

Chocolates that can also be presented along with distinctive gift items and specially made wedding boxes. Imaginative gift boxes, wholly made and totally original to Patibon, either of wood, carton or plexi, are adorned with specially designed wrappings and decorations to attend to the need of any occasion.

Patibon stores located in the region all adhere to the same concept. From the inspired interior décor to the same sumptuous chocolates, from the art of product display to the same packaging of gifts and boxes, all offered at comparable prices, ensures that the reputation of Patibon is spreading.

In constant pursuit of excellence and innovation Patibon also supplies key hotel chains with chocolate pieces, aptly named Good Night, that are set as a compliment on the bed or night side table. Patibon chocolates are also made for and available in the room’s mini-bar.

For Patibon the point is to please. The customer is respected and assisted, ideas suggested and advice given, everything set in order to satisfy their needs. Another service allows the client to bring forth his own notion for a chocolate and Patibon will design and bring the chocolate idea to life.

Although Patibon chocolates are exclusive to Patibon shops, the huge success of their chocolate bars has encouraged ideas for creating a bar of chocolate unique to anything else found and put for sale only in supermarkets. This may later evolve to include different fillings.

In keeping with the times, Patibon sugar free chocolates come with the same appearance and taste allowing the figure conscious and the diabetic the freedom to indulge. Apart from fine chocolates, quality dragees, malban and nougat delicacies are also available.

Patibon’s wonderful recipes hold their enticing secrets even in the plain chocolate slabs or pieces of intense plain black chocolate. With well over fifty flavors, some chocolates are exclusively made by Patibon. All carry the seal of Patibon as an internationally registered and recognized brand.